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Green Olive and Fennel Pate


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Green olive and fennel pate.

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green olive pate and finocchetto

A novelty that entered our productions a few years ago is green olive pate with wild fennel. A unique product that we wanted to take from the tradition of Tuscia cuisine, which sees extensive use of wild fennel in its typical recipes. The fennel seeds, in fact, give the green olive pulp an extra boost that conquers the taste and palate when the product is finished. The cream made by crushing olives, fennel, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt is thick and homogeneous. A mix of flavors and aromas in this pate, including wild fennel and a hint of freshly crushed fruit, fresh and intense.

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95% olive pulp, extra virgin olive oil, fennel, and salt.

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200 g per package.


Recommended with

Particularly suitable for aperitifs and appetizers with bruschetta and canapés, it is also perfect as a topping for pasta.


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Gentili Oil Mill Ltd.

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