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Gentili Oil Mill

Tradition, Passion and Innovation

Kind Qualities

Gentili Mill pursues
quality for over two centuries

A tradition that starts with high-quality raw materials
processed using the technologies
and knowledge of the period and leads to obtaining
a superior quality product

Kind Wellness

The extra virgin olive oil
Kind is the right ally
of our health

Due to the properties
nutraceuticals that remain unchanged
Through state-of-the-art manufacturing processes

Kind Environment

Gentili Oil Mill
cares about the environment.

To have an ecological footprint at all times
lighter in the past 23 years each process
of processing of the Gentili olive supply chain
Has been made more sustainable

Our Products

I am the result of careful
selection of raw materials.

In these 200 years of history, Il Frantoio Gentili
has grown a lot but has never
given up on its artisanal tradition
that has evolved over time.

Our Specialties

The Gentili Company is synonymous with tradition,
quality and innovation.

Today's guide is Romolo Gentili, the last descendant of a family of olive growers that, for over two centuries in Farnese (VT).

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Zeroing C02 Emissions
Certified Bamboo Pro

We have introduced a cultivation of Giant Bamboo, which has allowed the company to zero its CO2 emissions.

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