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Quality Gentili

Today, the quality of an EVO olive oil can be measured in chemical terms through a chemical and physical analysis to investigate the composition of the oil to establish its true authenticity, as well as in terms of its sensory characteristics recognizable by our sense organs. The chemical analysis of Gentili products has revealed a high concentration of polyphenols, organic plant molecules that help keep our cells healthy with anti-inflammatory and antiviral functions. Moreover, the analysis shows that the free acidity of Gentili’s EVO oil, in terms of oleic acid, does not exceed 0.5%, making it very low. This is because the Gentili mill has an internal specification that requires it to market oil with acidity no higher than 0.5%. In other words, acidity determines the amount of free fatty acids present in the oil, so the lower the acidity of the EVO olive oil, the higher the quality of the product. For this reason, Gentili’s EVO oil qualifies as a superior quality oil due to the low presence of free fatty acids.

Moving on to sensory analysis through sight, smell, and taste, there are general parameters that help identify a superior quality oil compared to a poor one. These are accepted by official tasters who, through panel tests, establish the precise sensory qualities of a product. We list these parameters to offer a clear picture of the Gentili product. High-quality extra virgin olive oil has a color that ranges from green to golden yellow, depending on the time of olive harvest and their variety. Usually, Gentili oil has an intense green color in the first few months after pressing, reaching a golden color starting from the third/fourth month after harvest.

The optimal aroma for a high-quality EVO oil is intense and fruity, reminding of ripe fruit or freshly cut grass. The aroma of the oil depends on the variety of olives and the time of harvest. At Frantoio Gentili, the processed olives (caninese, moraiolo, frantoio, and leccino) are harvested prematurely to maintain a high level of polyphenols and the typical fruity taste, ensuring the quality of the product, at the expense of the quantity of oil obtained. The taste of extra virgin olive oil is usually characterized by a light bitterness and a pungent aftertaste that stands out in Gentili’s products. The flavor depends on the variety of olives, the production region, and the extraction method. Starting from good raw materials is a good start, but it’s not enough to obtain a quality oil, given that the processing method is then crucial to achieve a product that makes the difference.

Gentili is fortunate to work with high-quality products and advanced technology throughout the production process, which gives each oil produced unique flavors, aromas, and properties. This is confirmed by the various awards received in recent years.

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