Verdone extra virgin olive oil

This characteristic oil is the spearhead of our production. Suitable for those who love strong flavors, our Verdone is the monocultivar that best expresses the richness of this land. A native variety of Lazio Tuscia, Caninese was already known by Etruscans and Romans who cultivated in the territory of the current province of Viterbo. The dry climate and the stony earth give the product a strong and decisive flavor with a high content of polyphenols (antioxidants). Thanks to the early harvest, when the olives are still green, our Verdone shows an emerald green color, while the taste opens with a fruity aroma where bitter and spicy notes emerge that give character to this product. Among the main flavors we recognize the hints of thistle and artichoke.

specific card

Our Verdone, so called for the color of the olives at the time of harvest (green), is an oil with a strong and decisive character. Of a brilliant emerald color to the eye, the product has no intense aromas, but what makes it unique and one of the most popular is the unmistakable spicy charge that dampens the bitter aftertaste. The fruity charge is also well marked, but in perfect harmony with all the other hints that give the product unique characteristics and flavors.


Monocultivar Canino 100%

harvest period

October – The early harvest, which usually goes from 6 to 25 October, significantly reduces the yield, but gives quality and uniqueness to the product.

production area

Area of the Municipality of Farnese, one of the 8 municipalities where the “Canino” Protected Designation of Origin is found.

harvest method

Mainly by hand through stripping and with facilitators.

extraction method

Continuous cycle system with cold extraction.

best use

Such a strong character lends itself mainly to meat-based dishes, from first to second courses grilled or on bruschetta, strictly raw. To try the sensory experience of this oil in contact with the heat of food, a steak still steaming or a slice of freshly toasted bread on a bruschetta, it is in these cases that Verdone releases all its aroma and flavor.

organoleptic properties

The strong bitter charge of our Verdone is perfectly softened by the fruity notes and persistent spiciness. And the spicy tip is the distinctive trait of the Caninese cultivar, which in our Verdone, thanks to the premature harvest, releases all its characteristics. A unique and particular product, suitable for all those who love strong and marked flavors. Due to the earliness of the olives from which it is extracted and the consequent spiciness, Verdone oil is to be considered as a concentrate of antioxidants among which the values of Oleuropein stand out, useful for the absorption of vitamin D and Alpha-Tocophenol, or Vitamin E which increases the elasticity of the keratin membranes by limiting the effects of cellular aging.


Silver Medal in 2018 at the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.

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