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Extra virgin olive oil verdone

Our fine Verdone oil is the jewel in the crown of Gentili’s production, a culinary work of art created for those who wish to savor the intensity of an authentic and bold taste. This monocultivar best expresses the bounty of our land, the historic Tuscia region of Latium, where the native Caninese variety has been cultivated since Etruscan and Roman times.

The dry climate and rocky soil of the province of Viterbo give Verdone a strong and robust character, enriched by a high concentration of polyphenols, valuable antioxidants. The early harvesting of the olives, which are still green and vibrant, gives the oil an emerald green color of rare intensity and an organoleptic profile that reveals an explosion of fruity scents, with bitter and spicy notes that define its unmistakable character. Among the dominant aromas, nuances of thistle and artichoke emerge.

Our Verdone, named for the vivid hue of the olives at the time of harvest, is an oil with a strong, decisive soul. Bright emerald in color, its olfactory bouquet proves to be delicate, but it is the spiciness that mellows the bitter aftertaste that makes it a product of great value and undisputed quality. The fruity note is well delineated and in perfect harmony with the other scents, giving Verdone a unique elegance and charm.

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Our Verdone, named for the color of the olives at the time of harvest (green), is an oil with a strong and decisive character. Brilliant emerald in color to the eye, the product does not have intense fragrances, but what makes it unique and among the most sought-after is the unmistakable spicy charge that dampens the bitter aftertaste. The fruitiness is also well marked, but in perfect harmony with all the other scents that give the product unique characteristics and flavors.


Monocultivar Canino 100%

collection period

October-The early harvest, usually between October 6 and 25, significantly reduces the yield but gives the product an unparalleled excellence and uniqueness.

area of production

Territory of the municipality of Farnese, one of the 8 municipalities where the Protected Designation of Origin “Canino” is located.

method of collection

Predominantly manual, by grazing and using facilitators.

method of extraction

Continuous cycle plant with cold extraction.

best use

Verdone’s bold temperament makes it ideal for meat dishes, from pasta dishes to grilled main courses or for bruschetta, always raw. Try the sensory experience of this oil in contact with the heat of food, a steaming steak or a slice of freshly toasted bread, it is in these moments that Verdone releases all its magic of scents and flavors.

organoleptic properties

The vigorous bitterness of our Verdone is sublimated by the fruity notes and lingering spiciness that inimitably characterize the Caninese cultivar.


Silver Medal in the 2018 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.

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