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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fruity

We introduce our exclusive Fruity extra virgin olive oil, a symbol of elegance and refinement. This fine oil is a hymn to harmony and balance, born from the careful selection of native cultivars such as Canino, Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo, expertly blended to obtain a blend with an unmistakable fruity taste.

Fruity is an oil with an intense and enveloping personality, distinguished by its green color with golden highlights and its penetrating fragrance that evokes the essence of fresh olives just crushed in the hands. Its distinctive taste notes range from almond to artichoke and herbs in a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

Our sophisticated Fruity oil is the result of careful harvesting of different cultivars at different times, following their natural degree of ripeness. This process ensures a harmonious balance between pungency and bitterness, with a predominance of the latter, for an oil that embodies the fragrance of healthy, fresh olives harvested at the right time.

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This extraordinary Fruity oil with a soft character is the result of a perfect mix of different cultivars of this territory. Different cultivars are harvested at different times following different degrees of ripeness, giving this product a harmonious balance on the palate between pungency and bitterness, with predominantly bitter notes. In our Fruity oil you can recognize the typical fragrance of healthy, fresh olives picked at the right time of ripeness. Green to the eye with golden hues, this oil’s smell is very reminiscent of the scent of freshly crushed fruit, with a pleasant spicy note that tantalizes the palate.


Canino, frantoio, leccino, moraiolo in varying proportions.

collection period

October/November – Harvesting is done by waiting for the right degree of maturity of the cultivars, to offer an oil with a balanced and delicate taste.

area of production

Area of the municipality of Farnese, part of the 8 municipalities of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) “Canino.”

method of collection

Predominantly by hand through grazing and with facilitators.

method of extraction

Continuous cycle plant with cold extraction.

Improved utilization

The versatility of our Fruity makes it perfect for enhancing the flavors of simple and delicate dishes such as fish dishes. It is also suitable for stir-frying and frying due to its high smoke point (+220 °C).

Indulge in the luxury and elegance of our Fruity extra virgin olive oil, a culinary jewel that will win over even the most discerning palates.

organoleptic properties

Our Fruity is the result of a careful gram process, which best preserves the fruit’s nutrients and benefits. The balanced taste, with bitter notes predominating over fruity and spicy ones, makes it an oil rich in oleic acid, a valuable monounsaturated fat that helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.

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