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Gentili Olive Press: a sustainability model for the olive oil chain

The Gentili company is committed to turning every processing waste into a resource, reusing waste in the best possible way and thus following a virtuous circular economy model. In this direction, Romolo, at the beginning of 2000, decided to give new life to one of the major by-products of olive transformation, the olive pomace, which is reused as ecological fuel within the company. Thanks to the collaboration of a trusted oil mill, this olive-processing waste is recovered through non-polluting mechanical procedures (without solvents or chemical adhesives) and reused in the olive press, through a boiler that feeds the internal heating system. All this proves that a product can be fully exploited while protecting nature.

How Frantoio Gentili has reduced its CO2 emissions through the use of solar energy and bamboo

Another step towards sustainability was taken in 2010 when Romolo decided to install a photovoltaic system adjacent to the oil mill to produce electricity. This choice led Gentili to enjoy energy autonomy, thus significantly reducing CO2 emissions. The photovoltaic system is made up of 550 solar panels with a power of 99.23 kWh, capable of producing 150,000 kWh of clean energy per year, which meet the entire internal energy needs of all processing machines in the oil mill. Any excess energy produced is reintroduced into the market by the national manager. Guided by the North Star of sustainability and with maximum respect for the environment, Romolo wanted to create this new self-sufficient photovoltaic system that has transformed Gentili into a fully Green Oil Mill.

To give new life to the company’s sustainable mission, a Giant Bamboo cultivation was introduced in 2016. Through this new Bamboo plantation located just a few kilometers from Gentili, the olive oil mill has zeroed its CO2 emissions, thus actively participating in a virtuous multi-year path of CO2 mitigation (certified by a Blockchain platform of Milan Polytechnic) emitted during the olive processing process. A decision in line with the company’s mission that, in addition to compensating for the amount of carbon emitted by the company with the capture of Bamboo (CO2 capture), offers many other social and environmental benefits and advantages. These evergreen plants guarantee the emission of oxygen all year round and are able to regenerate impoverished and/or desiccated land after years of intensive agriculture. Without forgetting that these plantations retain fine dust and sometimes represent real windbreak barriers.

Eco-friendly packaging: the new initiative by Frantoio Gentili for environmental protection

Frantoio Gentili’s latest effort in support of the environment comes in 2020, on the occasion of the company’s bicentennial. After careful product and process analysis, Romolo realized that there was one last step to make his supply chain entirely sustainable: packaging. Thus, he entrusted Toni Traglia, an award-winning designer (https://www.tonitraglia.com/awards.html), with a restyling of the company’s packaging: more innovative, original but above all respectful of the environment, precisely because every value of Frantoio Gentili wants to be shared with its customers. Toni worked on the elegance of the containers by using olive leaves that seem to come together in a tender embrace and a chromatic scheme that reproduces the different vegetative stages of the plant. The sentence “love the environment, protect nature” was used to reaffirm the company’s sustainable spirit.

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