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Black Olive Pate


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Black olive pate.

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black olive pate

Our black olive pate is tasty and essential, consisting only of olive pulp, extra virgin olive oil and salt. The processing technique is simple, pitting the black olives and chopping them together with salt and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Once the right consistency is achieved, this soft and flavorful cream is packed in its own jar, ready to reach your tables. The use of black olives guarantees the pate a strong flavor with a sweet aftertaste, a characteristic taste of this type of olive that has reached maturity.

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Olive pulp, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

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200 g per package.


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Suitable for tasty appetizers, bruschetta or pasta toppings, our pate is a concentrate of taste and authenticity given by the quality of the raw materials used and the artisanal processing.


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Gentili Oil Mill Ltd.

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