Organic extra virgin olive oil

An oil projected to always obtain the highest quality of the product with ethical choices of cultivation following the organic method. A production strongly desired by the owner who rigorously and confidently pursues the philosophy of environmental and therefore also agricultural sustainability, exploiting the natural fertility of the soil. Thus excluding any use of the various synthetic products (phytosanitary) and GMOs on the market. An extraordinary product, obtained from the medium-early harvest of Caninese variety olives, which accentuates the taste of the scents of freshly cut grass, but also the bitter charge and a marked hint of spiciness. The fruity note is also in perfect harmony, which indeed gives balance to this product of excellent quality.

specific card

A harmonious and delicate oil, our Organic has found over the years, a perfect alchemy between flavor, aromas and health. It is an oil obtained by processing olives, which we have been cultivating for over 15 years using the organic method, in order to offer the best guarantees of authenticity of the final product. The olive harvest, in the initial phase of maturation of the Caninese, accentuates the scents of freshly mown grass with intense bitter and spicy notes that denote a good charge of polyphenols. Initially the oil appears emerald green in color, but after the first few months the golden reflections predominate.


Monocultivar Canino 100%

harvest period

October / November – Usually the harvest begins in the second half of October and closes around the beginning of November.

production area

Area of the municipality of Farnese, which is one of the 8 production municipalities of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) “Canino”.

harvest method

Mainly by hand through stripping and with facilitators.

extraction method

Continuous cycle system with cold extraction.

best use

Organic extra virgin olive oil is perfect for all preparations, but is best expressed when paired with delicate meats such as fish and white meats, especially when grilled. Also excellent for enhancing vegetable-based dishes and fish-based first courses.

Perfect to add to baby food.

organoleptic properties

The olive harvest for our Organic, takes place in the first phase of ripening of the Caninese. This amplifies the scents of freshly mown grass with bitter and spicy notes that demonstrate a good charge of polyphenols. The fruity note in this organic monocultivar is well balanced for a very high quality product with many beneficial properties.

It is indicated in the weaning phase of children as the composition of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are very similar to those of breast milk. A cuddle to dedicate to your baby, especially for those mothers who have not had the opportunity to ensure the supply of many micronutrients due to artificial feeding. With a teaspoon of Organic Gentili oil in your baby’s first meals, it will help to preserve his growth and his nervous system thanks to the full of beneficial substances contained in this oil. Gentili Organic Oil is rich in tocophenols, in particular alpha-tocophenol – also called vitamin E – which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

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