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Extra virgin olive oil

Evo oil, a symbol of our illustrious culinary tradition, is a natural product obtained through the pressing of olives, taking advantage of carefully selected mechanical methods in order to preserve the integrity of the fruit. The classification of extra virgin olive oils is based on free acidity, attributable to the presence of oleic acid, a fatty acid that determines the quality of the oil itself. Low free acidity corresponds to a superior organoleptic experience, making the oil more valuable and refined.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, known as “EVO,” represents the pinnacle of such excellence, with a free acidity of less than 0.8 grams per 100 g. The hallmarks of an EVO oil are fruitiness, bitterness and spiciness. Such an oil irresistibly evokes the original fruit (fruity), giving the olfactory sense an appealing impression of freshness and genuineness, in the case of green and therefore early olive harvest. Bitterness and spiciness, due to the generous presence of antioxidants (rich in nutraceutical virtues), complete the triptych of characteristics that define a superior extra virgin olive oil.

Because of this, we have chosen to devote ourselves exclusively to the production and marketing of extra virgin olive oil. In addition to the four varieties of extra virgin olive oil, we have created a sophisticated range of flavored oils designed to satisfy the most demanding and refined palates.

Other products

Below you will find a selection of our products, mostly grown and processed by the Gentili Farm and in trusted neighboring farms with which we have made new productions. These range from oil, our main product (see above), through olive-based pates, pasta made from our grains, to honey. Attention and care in the production and subsequent processing of the raw materials used are the central point of our working philosophy and constitute the sincerest certificate of guarantee we can offer our customers on the quality of our products. Follow our Shop to learn about our products and evaluate our special offers!

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