Extra virgin olive oil

Oil is a natural product symbol of our gastronomic tradition, which is obtained by pressing the olives through mechanical processes that avoid possible alterations. The typical classification of virgin olive oils is based on their free acidity, due to the percentage of oleic acid (fatty acid) present in the oil. The increase in free acidity leads to a worsening of the organoleptic characteristics of the oil, for this reason the lower the acidity of a virgin oil, the higher its quality. Extra virgin olive oil, better known by the acronym “Evo”, is the oil with superior organoleptic characteristics with a free acidity that does not exceed 0.8 grams per 100 g. The main attributes of an Evo oil are: fruity, bitter and spicy. Therefore, the oil of this type must in the first instance refer to the fruit of origin (fruity), giving the sense of smell that is fresh, healthy and based on the choice of green or ripe harvest. The bitter and spicy notes, due to the strong presence of antioxidants (great nutraceutical properties), are the other two essential elements that characterize a superior quality extra virgin olive oil. For this reason we have decided to dedicate ourselves only to the production and sale of extra virgin olive oil and other superior quality products. In addition to the 4 varieties of extra virgin olive oil, you will also find for sale 3 different olive-based pates, two types of pasta obtained from durum wheat semolina produced on the farm and the “Millefiori” honey.

Other products

Below you will find a selection of our products, mostly grown and processed by the Gentili farm and in trusted neighboring companies, with which we have made new productions. They range from oil, our main product (see above), through olive-based pates, to the pasta made from our grains, to honey. The attention and care in the production and subsequent processing of the raw materials used are the central point of our work philosophy and constitute the most sincere certificate of guarantee that we can offer our customers on the quality of our products. Follow our Shop to learn about our products and evaluate our special offers!

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