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Benessere Gentili Olio ExtraVergine di Oliva

Well-being Gentili

Several factors contribute to the production of this high-quality product, which is of fundamental importance for our health. The geographical area of Gentili oil production is the first determining factor in obtaining a quality product. The high Tuscia Lazio region, in fact, is the ancient cradle of this supply chain where Caninese, an indigenous olive variety, has been cultivated since the Etruscans. The dry climate and rocky soils typical of this region give this cultivar a high content of polyphenols. The extra virgin oil obtained from this monoculture is, in fact, a concentrate of antioxidants (polyphenols) such as vitamin E, tocopherol, and other phenolic compounds. These are molecules capable of defending our body against premature aging, due to free radicals that cause cellular damage. The antioxidants contained in Gentili EVO oil fight free radicals and guarantee longevity to cells.

The healing powers of high-quality extra virgin olive oil don’t end there. Its benefits also affect our digestive system because it helps prevent ulcers by reducing gastric acid secretion. But that’s not all – its beneficial effects are also felt on our liver, thanks to the balanced composition of highly detoxifying fats. High-quality EVO oil is also capable of regulating cholesterol levels, is a valuable ally against diabetes (by reducing the rise in blood sugar), strengthens the immune system, and is an excellent anti-inflammatory. It’s not difficult to understand why green gold is often referred to as the “elixir of long life.” However, to ensure that all the organoleptic properties of EVO oil are maintained and unchanged in the final product, care and expertise are required during each processing stage. This is why Frantoio Gentili pays particular attention to each step of the process to offer a healthy and high-quality product. It starts with the natural advantages of this territory: the soils on which the Gentili olive groves are located have natural nutrients and minerals that are excellent for this type of cultivation, aided by a perfect microclimate for plant development.

Next, we move on to the olive groves cultivated using natural products for plant defense and regeneration, and to the non-invasive methods of fruit collection (hand picking) and premature picking of the olives. Within 12 hours, they are cold-pressed using state-of-the-art machines, making Gentili oil a unique product with organoleptic and nutraceutical properties. Romolo, Gentili Frantoio’s patron, has made continuous improvements to his olive oil production chain over the past 20 years, aiming to offer a high-quality and unmistakable taste product. The awards received and positive customer feedback received so far are the best guarantee for Gentili’s productions, which contribute to our health with their EVO oils while still maintaining the characteristic flavor of the “caninese” olive (spicy and slightly fruity aroma), and other cultivars found in their products. Romolo strongly believes that adopting healthy lifestyles and consuming high-quality EVO oil daily can maintain our wellness and keep us in shape.

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