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Extra virgin olive oil d.o.p. canine

Superior quality oil composed for 50% of Canino cultivar, the remainder from Frantoiano, Leccino and Moraiolo.

Among our products certainly could not miss the Canino Dop oil, which has become a symbol of this extraordinary land: the upper Tuscia of Lazio. Among its hills, the Gentili company also cultivates the Caninese variety of olive, an unmistakable local cultivar with a strong and robust taste that gives a strong connotation to our Canino DOP. The peculiarity of this product lies in the right balance between the Caninese and the other cultivars (Frantoiano, Leccino and Moraiolo), which soften the taste for a final product of the highest quality. With an intense green color with golden reflections, this product is particularly pleasant and harmonious both to the nose and to the taste with a pleasant spicy aftertaste. The strong bitter charge and intense spicy tip of the Caninese are softened by the soft flavors of Leccino, Frantoiano and Moraiolo. Among the main aromas and secondary flavors of this product, the notes of aromatic herbs and artichoke tip, but also apple and almond.

harvest period

October / November – The harvest of our olives for Olio Canino Dop follows the regulations governing their production and is set to start in the second half of October. However, we prefer to leave the fruit of this oil, attached to its tree until the end of October, in full ripeness, to obtain a more delicate and less aggressive product.

production area

Area of the Municipality of Farnese, one of the 8 municipalities where the “Canino” Protected Designation of Origin is found.

harvest method

Mainly by hand through stripping and with facilitators.

extraction method

Continuous cycle system with cold extraction.

Best use

Excellent for enhancing legume soups, fresh and cooked vegetables, on salads, bruschetta and pinzimonio. Our advice is to always use it raw, to preserve all its properties.

organoleptic properties

This product has a large amount of polyphenols. Two major allies of our health present in this product: the secoridoids and the total sterols.

Both have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol and help increase the good fraction of total cholesterol.

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