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Fennel flavored oil


The most extravagant of Gentili’s flavored oil productions is definitely the fennel-based one. The woods and fields bordering the Gentili farm are rich in wild fennel, which has been growing wild here for centuries. The presence of this aromatic plant stimulated Romolo’s curiosity and he wanted to offer fennel in the line of aromatic oils. The process is identical to the others, that is, through maceration and gramolatura of the young plant with the olive varieties chosen by Romolo for Gentili EVO oil, resulting in a unique product with great personality. The intense and typical scent of fennel is a perfect match for Gentili oil, thanks to a winning recipe that keeps the unmistakable scent of wild fennel unaltered, softened and mellowed by the blend of olives for a flavored EVO oil with a strong character and ready to enhance grilled meat dishes, roasts and legume soups.

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