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Fruity Oil 5 Lt.


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Acidity: 0.2%
Biophenols: 316 mg/Kg
Peroxides: 5 meq O2/Kg

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fruity

Gentili’s fruity extra virgin oil is the result of a blend of different cultivars strictly from the local area, it has a decidedly softer character than our production line.

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Canino, frantoio, leccino, moraiolo in varying proportions.


character and special features

This oil comes from the union of cultivars brought to the mill by our trusted suppliers/customers and owes its smoothness to the lower presence of canine compared to other productions.



The smoothness of our Fruity makes it suitable for any kind of preparation, especially suited to enhance the flavors of simple and delicate dishes such as fish dishes. Finally, it also proves suitable for stir-frying and frying due to its high smoke point (+220°C).


organoleptic properties

Precisely because of its composition, Gentili’s Fruity has a green color with golden hues and has a harmonious balance of notes on the palate, especially between spicy and bitter.

food donation

health at the table

Gentili’s Fruity is also produced by calculating different types of gramming in order to preserve as much of the fruit’s nutrients and benefits as possible, so that they can also be found in the finished product.

These include oleic acid, a valuable monounsaturated fat that helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.


the production of fruitiness

Olives are delivered daily, including holidays. They are stored in special perforated boxes and crammed under canopies to maximize air circulation. Finally, they are processed within 18 hours of delivery.

Mixed hammer and knife crusher


35/40 min at 25°/27°C


Pressing is horizontal, the dough passage takes about 10 minutes, and the oil is separated from the water almost immediately.
At this point, the oil is allowed to rest in steel containers, for 2 days, at a temperature of 23°C.
After resting for 2 days, the oil will be filtered and moved to tanks designed to lower temperatures using liquid nitrogen.

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