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Frantoio Gentili

The Gentili brand is synonymous with tradition, quality and innovation. The Frantoio is now in the hands of Romolo Gentili, the last descendant of a family of olive growers, who have handed down their tradition for 5 generations. In these two centuries of history, the values of traditional craftsmanship, respect for the environment and care for the raw materials used have remained unchanged, while technology and new knowledge have given an innovative impetus to production, to offer products of the highest quality. quality and environmentally friendly. The love for this land and the passion for oil inherited from their ancestors now make Frantoio Gentili a garrison of excellence in the hills of the Upper Tuscia of Lazio.

The new oil

New oil is a particularly popular product in Italy, which, starting from pressing, is almost always present on the table of Italians, perhaps accompanied by warm bruschetta of bread. The importance that Frantoio Gentili dedicates to each of his products is maximum, but there is particular attention to oil. In order for all the beneficial properties of the fresh product to remain unaltered, it is essential to work healthy products with suitable mechanical means, thus managing to guarantee all the health properties during pressing. In addition to the beneficial properties, the taste should not be underestimated, the unique pleasure of seeking in the palate those persistent bitter and / or spicy notes that leave the new oil. Fragrant and pleasant on the palate, the new Gentili oil is produced according to the strictest quality standards to ensure in each bottle, all the olfactory, taste and organoleptic properties that are the hallmark of the new oil.

Our oils

The processed olives, mostly from the olive groves of the Gentili family, are the result of a careful selection, for the production of extra virgin olive oil, which is born in an extraordinary land (Upper Tuscia of Lazio). Once the olives have been harvested, using artisanal and non-invasive techniques, our oil is produced within 24 hours, to maintain the quality and beneficial properties of the olives unaltered. The olive processing process is powered by a zero-emission photovoltaic system, a sign of the environmental sensitivity that Romolo has matured over the years. The production chain of Gentili oil includes 6 different processing stages: washing, pressing, kneading, pressing, separation and storage. Our line of extra virgin olive oil offers 4 varieties of products:

D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil Canino – The Caninese symbol of this land, at the base of a unique blend.
Il Verdone – Spearhead of the Gentili production, a monocultivar oil from Caninese with an intense and decisive flavor.
il Biologico – Perhaps the most loved production by Romulus that follows the organic method for a refined oil based on canines.
the Fruity – Fruit of a mix of different cultivars which, on the palate, translate into hints of almond, artichoke and aromatic herbs.

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