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Olio Frantoio Gentili

tradition, passion and innovation

Olio Frantoio Gentili

passion and innovation

Olio Frantoio Gentili

passion and innovation

Our products

the result of a careful
selection of raw materials

The Gentili oil mill, over these 200 years
of history, has grown a lot but
has never given upon
its artisanal tradition which
has refined over time

Several factors contribute to the production of this high-quality product, which is of fundamental importance for our health. The geographical area where Gentili oil is produced is the first determining factor in obtaining a quality product. The high Tuscia Laziale, in fact, is the ancient cradle of this supply chain where Caninese, an autochthonous variety of olive, has been cultivated since Etruscan times. The dry climate and rocky terrain typical of this territory give this cultivar a high content of polyphenols. The extra-virgin obtained from this monocultivar is, in fact, a concentrate of antioxidants (polyphenols) such as vitamin E, tocopherol and other phenolic compounds. These are molecules capable of defending our body against premature aging due to free radicals that cause cellular damage. The antioxidants contained in Gentili EVO oil fight free radicals and guarantee cell longevity.

Our specificities

Gentili Company is synonymous
with tradition, quality
and innovation.

At the wheel today is Romolo Gentili
the last descendant of a family of olive growers who,
has been in Farnese (VT) for over two centuries

We cultivate and process different varieties of olives with passion and dedication. The mill has changed a lot since 1820, thanks mainly to advances in technology, but each of our products carries the echo and knowledge of past generations. In these two centuries of history, the values ​​of artisanal tradition, respect for the environment, and care for the raw materials used have remained unchanged, while the achievements of technology and all new knowledge have given an innovative boost to production, for very high-quality products.

Romolo Gentili, the current owner (5th generation) of Gentili company, is a visionary who has given a green, highly technological and respectful turn to tradition to his company, in order to create products of the highest quality with the smallest possible impact on the environment. The love for this land and the passion for oil inherited from his ancestors have driven Romolo in the last 20 years to support great process and product innovations, making Frantoio Gentili a center of undisputed quality among the sweet hills of Alta Tuscia Laziale. There are about 10 hectares of olive groves owned by them, from which oils of undisputed quality are produced - often with unknown beneficial properties - from their flagship Verdone to the famous D.O.P. di Canino, passing through Organic and Fruity. All their oils are produced with cutting-edge and highly innovative systems, to ensure the highest levels of quality in the final product.

Frantoio Gentili has grown a lot in these 200 years of production, but has never given up its artisanal tradition which has been refined over time, giving increasing priority to the quality of the raw materials used and to the production process. The olives worked are the result of careful selection and our extra virgin olive oil guarantees the best quality standards mainly due to this extraordinary land. Once harvested, using artisanal and non-invasive techniques, our oil is produced within 12 hours to maintain unaltered qualities and beneficial properties.

The olive processing process is powered by a zero-emission photovoltaic system. Romolo is indeed very sensitive to sustainability. The production chain of Gentili oil involves 6 different processing phases: washing, crushing, mixing, pressing, separation, and storage. Let’s take a closer look at the Gentili production method. Gentili EVO oil is produced using a cold pressing method, which allows for extracting the oil without using chemical products or refining processes. The crushing process in the Gentili mill takes place through advanced mechanical means (mixed pressing: hammers and knives) constantly monitored for temperature, which never exceeds 26° (cold) to ensure that the final product retains all the nutraceutical properties of EVO oil. It goes without saying that high-quality raw materials must be present in the olive production chain, and Gentili has the fortune of being able to rely on native cultivars such as Caninese, typical of Tuscia with unique organoleptic properties.

Other factors that certify a high-quality olive oil mill, such as Gentili, include cleanliness and hygiene, the use of cutting-edge technologies, highly qualified personnel, a production method that respects the quality of the olives (from manual harvesting to cold pressing within 12 hours), environmental sustainability, and any relevant quality certifications.

The numerous certificates and awards obtained over the years, the certifications (PDO, PGI, Organic and ISO) and the positive feedback from customers clearly demonstrate that Gentili products are of the highest quality.

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Let’s zero out C02 emissions
We are Bamboo Pro certified

We have introduced a cultivation
of Giant Bamboo, which has allowed the company
to zero its CO2 emissions

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