Green Olives Patè


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Green Olives Patè

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Green Olives Patè

This pate made from green olives, extra virgin olive oil and salt is extraordinary for its aroma, persistence and body. Result of an artisanal processing of green and fresh olives that maintain all the properties and aromas in the finished product. Once the olives collected in our olive groves have been rinsed and pitted, they are crumbled and blended with extra virgin olive oil until they reach the desired creaminess.

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Olive pulp, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

jar of jam


200 gr per pack.


Recommended with

Tasty appetizers, including croutons and bruschetta, also recommended to dress pasta or meats. Green olives give the final product intense flavors and aromas that remind of the fresh fruit just picked. With a more granular consistency, the cream obtained is also indicated as an accompaniment to meat and fish.


produced by

Frantoio Gentili s.r.l.

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