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Fusilli 500g


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Durum wheat semolina pasta.


the fusilli

Our fusilli come from a simple and essential dough, water and durum wheat semolina produced by the Gentili farm, drawn in bronze and dried at low temperature. To obtain a tasty pasta with the right porosity in order to better absorb each sauce.



500 gr per pack.



Our pasta is the result of a mixture composed only of water and durum wheat semolina from the Gentili farm.


characteristics and peculiarities

Dried slowly and at low temperatures in order to maintain the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the raw materials unaltered, durum wheat semolina pasta has the characteristic amber yellow color and is rich in nutrients that give it a balanced and genuine flavor that evokes the the smell of fresh bread and the smell of freshly cut grass.


nutritional properties

The dietary fibers present in reasonable quantities, help to provide the feeling of satiety, lower blood sugar, the level of cholesterol in the blood and facilitate intestinal transit. It is low in gluten and highly digestible.


flavor combinations

Its delicate and natural flavor makes our pasta suitable for all types of sauces.

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